New Facebook Page!

Since most photographers are on Facebook all day, we have moved our blog over to a Facebook Page where you can stay up to date with upcoming events.  Please visit us at our new Facebook Page at:!/pages/Jacksonville-PUG-A-Community-for-Professional-Photographers/163123143702535


2 Responses to “New Facebook Page!”

  1. Gwendolyn Tundermann Says:

    Seriously life changing! Now that it’s quiet and I am left with my own thoughts, all I can say is wow. Dane Sanders definitely stirred up something inside me and even though some of it is uncomfortable and overwhelming I see this as a tremendous turning point in my life and career. Just… wow!

    So thankful to have had Dane Sanders come out to our PUG. He’s an example of passion and commitment. I feel petty for some of the excuses I create for myself when he honored his commitment to come to Jacksonville despite the challenges he is facing. It puts things into perspective.

    And thank you, Scarlett, for being forward and letting us all know that it’s okay to be “fabulous” and embrace the negativity and make it something positive. It’s an example for us all!

  2. Corey Grusden Says:

    Had a blast even if I showed up an hour late 😉 Definitely be at the next one for sure..

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