2009-05 Meeting With Denis Reggie

Our May meeting was amazing as we hosted Denis Reggie at our Jacksonville Pictage User Group meeting. We had such a great turn out of over 100 photographers who came as far as Virginia and South Florida to attend the event and hear Denis talk. Denis has shot a ton of celebrity weddings and is one of the most respected and notable leaders in our industry.

I first heard Denis talk 2 years ago at the Pictage PartnercCon event, and continued to gain such great insight and knowledge from his talk last night. His speciality is true wedding photojournalism and he has a great approach to the “Whole Foods” kind of clientele. And to this day, everytime I “foof” my flash, I think of him. (FYI “Foof”=bouncing the light off something else other than direct flash on the client. It’s a term he affectionately named.)

Here’s some photos of the great night. It was funny, I sat down in my chair after discussing some Pictage notes and introducing him and saw there were pictures of me on my camera. I nudged the person next to me and asked if they took the pics while I was up there, and they said no, they had no clue who did. Then half way through the talk, Denis brought up how he grabbed my camera and took the photos and will be sending me a bill for $31,000. ha! (Rumor has it he starts around $50K to shoot a wedding.)

BONUS: Denis and Joe Buissink have a workshop coming up together! Joe B is another great leader in the industry who shot Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera’s weddings among others. Both were named “Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo. So for those interested, Denis is extending a $200 discount for my friends, so when you register, give the discount code SCARLETT and you’ll get the special offer! Cool!


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